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I Love Ruby Because ..


Ruby understands me ( as a programmer ), better than her friends!

Ruby is love <3

With ruby your aren't a programmer, but the true modern Artist!

Due to rich set of libraries and Metaprogramming ...

it really make you feel that programming is enjoyable..!!!

Easy syntax to learn, active developer community building things that they love .

sexy syntax, easy to read and understand

took me from ops => devops => (noops?)..Love Ruby..You are awesome!

My first ruby program was

puts 'saikat'

compared to what I learned in college to display my name

    public class Displayname {
      public static void main(String args[]){

I really enjoyed while working with Ruby and its truly gives lot of fun for a java programmer like me:-)

I don't want to fight the language & frameworks but focus on building solutions. Ruby give me the freedom to do just that.

...of the the way it beautifully integrates blocks (lambdas) directly into functions.

it isn't as gafferesk as perl