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I Love Ruby Because ..


…both of these are true (which make it an object-oriented language, in contrast to a class-oriented one)

Class.is_a? Object # => true
Object.is_a? Class # => true

Everything is an object, and method call is a hummer

Everything is an Object, and All Code is Executed and Has a self :)

You can touch, feel and play with her - pragmatically!

... a syntax can be sexy, Ruby proved that !

It's so fun. Easy to write, easy to read. Has a great community behind and so many cool features.

duck typing =

Easy to Learn, Easy to write and with powerful Rails

How many projects out there that use ruby? I want to get in, but all i hear are people saying they love it, no one producing much. First big ruby project i see is discourse. are there any other?


Ruby gives me +2 Hipster cred.

I love ruby because...server side JavaScript sucks.

Ruby freed me up from being a mindless government drone!

Because Ruby gathers people which: will love or hate a website like this.

It is a hammer which can shape-shift into a nail or a bulldozer.

... I sometimes hate Ruby