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I Love Ruby Because ..


What are semicolons?

Last-arg options hashes are like sexy named parameters.

It’s an object oriented scripting language with a sane syntax.

I love ruby because I'm weird.

Ruby is the beautiful programming language that the world has ever seen! And the very fact that the syntax is written in simple english makes it even more awesome for even the non-tech people can learn it easily within no time :) And thats the reason i'm in love with this beautiful girl ruby <3

It just doesn't get in the way. No other language does that for me.

No headache with defining datatype for a variable.

+, -, square brackets etc are methods which I can define in my own classes.

... I sometimes hate Ruby

It is a hammer which can shape-shift into a nail or a bulldozer.

Because Ruby gathers people which: will love or hate a website like this.

It’s just fun to code! just awesome

I can write code, get feedback quickly, and iterate very quickly to a working solution. Iterators and blocks working together make it really easy to put a lot of functionality into a few lines.

I love the simplicity.